Detox 101: Detoxing Basics

Learn the Basics of Detoxing, What it is, Why you should, Benefits, Approaches to Detoxing, Foods to Consume, Avoid, Importance pH, detox tools and participates receive a guided detox plan.

Womb Wellness

Learn the the foods, juices, supplements, meditations and holistic practices that heal the womb and help to cleanse the womb of deep seated emotional trauma and pain. Information is also discussed relating to womb tumors and dissolving them.

Detox Your Life: Mind, Body & Spirit

Get rid of the negative self talk, self sabotaging beliefs, unhealthy eating habits and toxic stored emotions so that you can live a fulfilled life. This workshop shows you how.


Becoming a Person of Influence (Workshop)

How to Be a Real Success (Workshop)

Put Your Dreams to Test (Workshop)

Personal Development:

Fearless Confidence

This workshop helps participants develop unstoppable confidence, unshakable self belief, self reliance and a fearless mind

Communicating for Success

Few people know the art of successful communication, based on John Maxwell’s program, “Everyone Communicates but Few Connect”

Success Habits

Success leaves clues and everyone who is successful has various habits that are practiced daily that help them achieve the goals they have.  This workshop highlights the habits of the successful and empowers people to develop new ways of thinking, acting and being.

Youth Leadership:

Stand up & Be Counted- No Bullying (Workshop)

Sometimes You Win & Sometimes You Learn (Workshop)

Learning to Fail Forward to Success (Workshop)

Self Esteem Speaks:Develop a Positive Self Image (Workshop)

Personal Character (Workshop)