“I started life coaching with Aishah after experiencing stress and anxiety due to major life changes with career, my health, and unexpected loss of loved ones.  From the first session the tools Aishah taught me helped me manage my emotions in a healthy manner.  The work I've done with her help has helped me reorganize my life, and set boundaries and priorities.  It has been invaluable and I continue to use the tools she taught me daily.”

Portia - Fortune 500 Exec & Entrepreneur 



“I found that it helped me to prioritize the issues that were in front of me. I took the time management advice that was given to me during my coaching session with Aishah. Now I make daily (short term) lists, and work to them. I figured our what it was that was setting me back from achieving my fitness goals. It has not completely gone away, but I am able to recognize it and deal with it accordingly. I know that I must ALWAYS put GOD first and me second. And taking care of myself is beneficial to not only me and my quality of life but also my family.

Latasha Richardson - Electrician



“I had no idea what to expect from my session with Aishah, I was a little nervous at first, but my anxiety was set to rest very quickly. Aishah allowed me to relax and speak without restraint. I felt comfortable and was never pushed to share more than I comfortable with, nor did I feel judged at any time.

Aishah was extremely professional and friendly at the same time. She even shared with me her own stories of insecurity. In a short time, she was able to explore my emotional, physical and spiritual self. Aishah gave me counsel and advice to aid me in my journey of personal development and growth. With Aishah's advice in tow, I feel even more determined to achieve self actualization and my goal of true acceptance of myself.”
Janessa Robinson - Entrepreneur, Songwriter