As a vegan for almost a decade and before that a vegetarian for 18 years I know all about the Importance of Healthy Eating. I designed the Fearless Body Coaching to help women understand the importance of self love and self care through food and nutrition.  This is a Health Coaching Program for Fearless Women wanting to get healthier and love their bodies.  In this program you learn about the importance holistic nutrition so that you live the life you are destined for. Without our health, we can not serve Greatly.  As a Certified Health Coach, Certified Healthy Living Educator & Certified Detox Educator I will teach you:

  • How to Eat Clean
  • Lose Weight
  • Why Everyone is Sick & How you Can Avoid it
  • How to Get Protein
  • What foods to Avoid
  • What foods to Eat
  • What Consumer Products to Avoid
  • Most Common Deficiencies
  • Importance of Organic & Non-GMO foods
  • Whole food Supplements vs Vitamins
  • Probiotics
  • Alkaline Water
  • Acid Alkaline Balance
  • Importance of Wheatgrass
  • Importance of Chlorophyll
  • Dangers of Dieting
  • Proper Kitchen Etiquette
  • How to Properly Detox
  • Colon Care
  • Natural Skin Care Tips
  • Natural Skin Care Recipes for Skin & Hair
  • 21 Vegan Smoothie Recipes
  • 21 Day Juice Recipes
  • 21 Day Plant Based Vegan Recipes

This Program is delivered via PDF, Video & Audio


If you aim at nothing you will hit it every time. – Zig Zigler

This session is for you if:
  • Want to Be Healthier
  • Want to Be Happier
  • Want more Energy
  • Want to Heal Your Body
  • Want to Feel Better
  • Desire to Help Yourself & Others

This session is not for you if:
  • You dont want to become Healthier & Happier
  • You don’t and wont take accountability for your life
  • Comfortable with the quality of your life
  • Not willing to change & Love yourself

Have questions about this session? Please check the following FAQ or feel free to contact me if you have any questions not answered.

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The 21 Fearless Body Coaching Program is for you want to get the tools, support and strategies needed to transform your Health in 3 weeks! This is a 21 day Health detox program.

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