My Name is Aishah- I started my journey towards self development after I graduated from college. Realizing that there was more to life than working a 9-5 I set out on a journey towards living a fullfilled life, a life of purpose and meaning.  What I discovered was that we all have a calling, a deep desire to become and live at a high level of service to humanity, using the gifts and talents given to us by the Creator.  I also discovered that even though we have this desire, their are things that can block and stop us on the pursuit of this ideal, most of these things are internal meaning within the individual and others are external.  In order to live the purpose that we were created to fulfill we have to focus on and take a holistic approach to our own development.  Our health, our thinking, our relationships, our spiritual life, our emotions, our entire existence depends on this. My purpose is to help women become the best version of themselves while taking a holistic approach to their development and giving them the inspiration and the tools to live their truth.

I have always been a student of learning. My undergraduate degree is in Psychology.  I received a Masters in Metaphysical Sciences and an MBA.  I have training and certifications in Life, Health and Leadership Coaching and I have spoken to

thousands and written a few books, “The Fearless Woman”, “The Healthy Eating Guide” and created, “My Vision Journal, A Guided Journal to Assist in the Manifestations of Ones Dream”.

My greatest accomplishment to date is my son Amir, although just an infant, he adds so much value to my life and teaches me every day about love, growth, patience and joy.

Ive been laid off, unfulfilled, in and out of unhealthy relationships, broke, broken, depressed, unhealthy, I’ve experienced heartache and pains. I’ve regretted things, I’ve made bad decisions. I’ve been unhappy and spent years merely just existing. I wanted to give up and quit at life.  I’ve tried, I’ve failed, I haven’t always been my best and I have fallen many times.

But I never gave up on myself.  Armed with the tools my Mother left me and focused on the deep desires God put in me,I decided to stay the course. I decided to improve my condition by changing myself from the inside out. By honoring myself, loving myself, respecting myself, investing in myself and constantly improving myself, I stand. I will continue to lead. I will continue to help all those that God sends to me. I will continue to focus on growing in God and becoming the best version of myself while I inspire others do the same. I am Aishah, a woman seeking to live her God Given destiny.